All Contestants must be 21 years of age or older and must live in the tri-state area. We will be selecting a maxium 15 contestants. To apply submit the following:

  • A complete pageant application. (INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED)

  • A headshot (electronically) sent to

  • A $75 application fee (cash or money order made payable to Feathers)

  • A signed hold harmless agreement/ release

A completed application, hold harmess agreement, headshot and payment must be received by the pageant coordinator by Saturday October 5th, 2019. Applications will not be considered complete until all 3 pieces are received. An email will be sent confirming our receipt of the completed application.

Miss Feathers Title Commences January 1st,2020.


                                                RULES AND REGULATIONS:

  • Each contestant is responsible for his or her conduct and the conduct of his or her dresser and other participants in his or her talent number. Contestants should be respectful, polite, and cooperative.

  • The use of illegal substances by contestants, dressers, and other members of a contestant’s talent number is prohibited. Violation will result in immediate disqualification without refund of the entrance fee.

  • Any contestant who is not at the designated place at the appointed time will have a 10 point administrative point deduction. This includes CHECK IN TIME which is 6:00pm.

  • Each contestant may have one dresser. Due to space limitations, other members of a contestant’s talent ensemble (dancers, prop persons, etc.) may only enter the dressing room prior to the contestant’s performance. A contestant caught having more than one assistant backstage too soon will have an administrative deduction of 10 points.

  • Only contestants and one dresser are allowed free entry to the event. Other performers (up to 5 People) in your talent ensemble must pay a reduced admission to the pageant.

  • Applicant may not hold any other current title or postion with any other venue at the time of application or pageant.

  • Winner of Miss Feathers Pageant may not compete in any other pageant during her reign, may not hold another title during her reign.

  • Club Feathers, its Directors and Staff are not responsible for any loss of items, and/or any damage to private property or injury at any time during the application process, orientation, or the competition.

  • Rules and Regulations are subject to change at any time!


                                             Pageant Rules Extended:

  • Music for contestants must be given to the pageant coordinator on a CD by Oct 18th,2019 for sound check purposes.

  • Music for talent portion of pageant is limited to 7 minutes (an administrative 10 point deduction will be imposed for any music exceed 7 minutes)

  • Only 2 songs should be on the CD (talent portion and crowning song should you win)

  • All props must be removed from the stage within the contestants 7 min talent portion.


  • All contestants, backup dancers, helpers, etc must be 21 and older with a valid id. NO EXCEPTIONS!

  • Pageant will begin promtly at 8:00 PM on Sunday Oct 20th, 2019.





 Presentation:  Futuristic Affair: In this category, the judges are going to be looking for posture, creativity, and each contestant’s presentation of the Theme. After Modeling each contestant will step to the microphone and state his/her name, where they are from and what the future may look like to them. Be creative, different, radical, and imaginative! This category is worth 30 points.

Talent: This is one of the highest scored categories. This category is limited to 7 minutes and if a contestant exceeds that time, points will be taken away from the final score. (You have a total of 7 minutes.  If you have props they must be removed within those 7 minutes) Talent can come in many forms, so find an original way to express yours!  This category is worth 35 points.

Evening Wear: Contestants may choose evening wear in their preferred color and style. Please keep in mind that it is NOT a costume. We are looking for style, color, fit, elegance, best use of accessories including shoes and jewelry, hairstyle, and proper make-up. This category is worth 20 points.

Question & Answer:. This category is worth 15 points

Tie Breaker: In the event of a tie for the title, a second on-stage question will be used. Feathers management team and judges will score second question. Final tabulation of score cards will be calculated by Feathers management.

 Contestants may request a copy of his/her scores and comments from the judges after the competition by emailing no later than 2 weeks after the event. (NO Score cards will be released the night of the pageant and will only be released to the contestant by way of email)



Title Obligations:

If you win:  $4000 Grand Prize plus Crown, Sash and Flowers

  • $1000 at Crowning

  • $500 June 2020

  • $500 at Stepdown

  • A guaranteed monthly booking at Feathers: $150 per booking for a total of $1800.00 Additional Spotlight Show booking $200




Monday: Closed


Tuesday- Friday: 12 pm - 2 am


Saturday: 12 pm to 3 am


Sunday: 11 am to 3 pm




77 Kinderkamack Rd

River Edge, NJ  07661

T  /  (201) 342-6410

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